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“Over 50 years of Sonar Experience”


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It is easy to order one of the three SonarPhone WiFi transmitter systems that match the way you fish.

Fishing Pros Comment on SonarPhone Fish Finders

“Shocking and downright amazed”… that is what Pro Anglers are saying about the SonarPhone performance, and what it means for their fishing success! But you won’t be seeing a professional angler use SonarPhone unless you look in the glove box of their boat. Remember, all professional anglers are under contract from OTHER brands of sonar and are paid NOT to talk about the amazing things SonarPhone does to help them catch more fish. Just being able to check-out a brush pile to know if there are fish in it or not is an enormous time saver and confidence builder. Boats spook fish, we all know this, and being able to silently move SonarPhone T-POD over fish or fish holding cover gives you a true perspective as to what is really going on down there. It is the ultimate tournament pre-fishing tool to recon waters without even making a cast.

WiFi Fish Finder Delivers 5-Star Performance Rating

Superior fish finding performance is what serious anglers demand, and many are willing to pay big bucks to get it. So, what would happen if every day anglers could get professional quality sonar without spending big bucks? The first thing you would say is… “what’s the catch”? In your hand now is more computing power than was needed to put a man on the moon… Your smart device offers a HD quality display and touch screen controls.  So all that remains is the ability to give your smart devices a high-resolution fish finder input. Welcome to SonarPhone, an ultra portable, but super powerful WiFi based fish finding technology that sends a high-definition color display to your smart device. Basically it to turns your tablet or phone into one of those state of the art, color touch screen fish finders for a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay for touch screen sonar.

SP300 Review 

T-POD: $129.95


T-POD SonarphoneSP100 SonarPhone T-POD Sonar/ Transducer
An ultra-portable WiFi system with contained battery. Can be pulled behind your boat, cast or thrown from shore.


T-BOX: $149.95


SP200 SonarPhone T-BOX Permanent
A more permanently mounted system that is mounted in a boat with access to a 12 volt power supply (not included).



T-BOX: $199.95


SP300 SonarPhone T-BOX Portable System
A portable system with a carry case to hold the battery & suction cup mount for your boat.